What are the different shot types?

There are a variety of shots available in the game;

  • Football - This is the standard shot.

  • Knuckleball - The Knuckleball affects the physics of the football, hit with spin and more power the ball drops earlier in its arc. This shot can smash breakable objects.

  • Ping - The Ping shot gives the football backspin. Allowing the ball to pass over an obstacle and reversing direction on the first bounce

  • Swaz - The Swaz shot allows the user to curve the football around obstacles. This shot is used to hit swaz specific targets.

  • Zip - The Zip shot makes the football follow specific sections of levels allowing the ball to roll up hills and even upside down… until the power runs out.

  • Old School - The Old School ball is the traditional football that picks up water and weighs a ton. This ball will sink on contact with water.

  • Tennis Ball - Showing off your skills with a Tennis Ball will allow you to reach targets through small gaps.